Meet Your Blogger


Welcome to my blog.

I live in Northern California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, with my husband of twenty years, and our eleven year old son. Our blended family includes my twenty-nine year old daughter. She’s been on her own for a while, this year she got married. She and her husband live near us.

I work in technology. I’m not a geek, but an over achieving sales and marketing freak that appreciates brilliant developers.

I turned fifty this year. I’ve been trying to embrace it. Mostly, I’m trying to figure out why I feel fifteen but my drivers license says I’m not. Hence, a lot of gratitude sharing on Facebook, and talking about it to no end.

I’ve lost over one hundred and fifty pounds. That’s still kind of shocking to me. Between turning fifty, my daughter getting married and losing one hundred and fifty pounds, I feel I am in a mind bend. I’m hoping your attention to my writings will help me out. No pressure.

One more thing. I come from a huge Mexican family. Hard working bad-ass loving Mexicans that live to unite people. I’m a proud family member. Everything I like about me, I think I inherited from my family. I’ve simply added my own twist to how I live my life. Hence, the name for my blog. Which reminds me, I cook well too. Lots and lots of twists on authentic Mexican dishes, and nutritional meals. I’ll try to share (brag) pics and recipes on this blog.

I hope we become well acquainted.