Meet Your Blogger

Cocktail Dress at the Beach
At the beach.


Welcome to my blog.

My name is Mari. I live in Northern California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, with my husband of twenty-five years, and our fifteen year-old son. Our blended family includes my thirty-two year old daughter. She’s been on her own for a while, this year she graduated from University of California Santa Cruz.

I work in technology. I’m not a geek, but an over achieving sales and marketing freak that appreciates brilliant developers. I appreciate them so much, I married one.

I’m in my fifties. I’m trying to figure out why I feel fifteen but my drivers license says I’m not. Hence, a lot of gratitude sharing on Facebook, and talking about it to no end.

Seven year ago, I lost over one hundred and fifty pounds. That’s still kind of shocking to me. By hook and by crook, I’ve managed to keep the weight off, though I’ve had a couple relapses, where I’ve gained a bit back then worked hard to get it back off. It’s a struggle.

I eat low carb, high fat—most of the time. I love me a yummy yummy rib eye. I lift weights with a personal trainer because I have great big concerns about proper form, and having a good trainer reassures me.

One more thing. I come from a huge Mexican family. Hard working bad-ass loving Mexicans that live to unite people. I’m a proud family member. Everything I like about me, I think I inherited from my family. I’ve simply added my own twist to how I live my life. Which reminds me, I cook well too. Lots and lots of twists on authentic Mexican dishes, and nutritional meals. I’ll try to share (brag) pics and recipes on this blog.

I hope we become well acquainted.